November 06, 2011

Introduction and Table of Contents

Hello, Potter fans!

This blog will walk you through the steps I took to make a memorable Harry Potter Party for my friends and I. This party was intended for adolescents and it also occurred in the wintertime, so I will make notes and changes where a different activity could be substituted for a younger audience or for a summertime activity.

This idea came into being in October 2011, and the party took place January of 2012. All of the guests were in their teens (proving that Harry Potter never gets old!). However, the more time you dedicate to planning your party the more memorable it will be – even with three months we felt we could have used more time!

I highly recommend getting an early start to your planning -- why not start today? -- and to set the actual party date a few months into the future so that you have ample time for planning as this sort of party is meant to stimulate hard-core older Harry Potter fans and therefore needed to be interesting and detailed.

On that note, I hope you enjoy what this blog has to offer.


P.S. I'm making a Table of Contents that I will update as I post more. So far here are links to each of the pages along with brief explanations of the subject:
P.P.S. I have also recently added a new feature: The Shopping List tab. It can be found at the top, there is a bar that says "Home" and then says "Shopping List". The purpose of this shopping list is to be a quick and easy way to look up what things you will need for each project before beginning. It has links to the posts.
Some of the posts are not found in the "Shopping List" tab, such as the Marauder's Map tutorials and some of the Letters/Invitations posts because all you need is a printer and some paper :)


1. Snitches -- The Deathly Hallows version with Resurrection Stone
*****SPOILER ALERT*****This post contains a tutorial on how to make your own snitch which opens up to reveal a home-made Resurrection Stone.

2. Acceptance Letters and Equipment List

This post has links to download an alterable template for your own Hogwarts Acceptance Letter and the Equipment list that follows. Inside this post is a mini table of contents because it is technically one large post split up into six. All of the posts within this 'large post' begin with the title "The Letters/Invitations--" and then the subtitle which is listed in this table of contents.

The Slytherin Locket post has a tutorial on how to make your own Slytherin Locket as seen one of the cover variations for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

4. Platform 9 3/4 tickets
This post has a printable free-for-use Platform 9 3/4 ticket. It was made from scratch in Photoshop Elements 7 and there are links to download the alterable Photoshop file as well.

There were two envelopes: one for sending, and one that resembled the one that Harry Potter received containing his acceptance letter. This is the inner envelope.

The second of two envelopes, this one for sending if you wish to send your letters in the mail.

7. How to stain your paper
A very useful tutorial on how to stain your paper and make it look a little older. We use this multiple times throughout this blog such as for the Marauder's Map, the Acceptance Letters, and the Inner Envelope

This is a material-friendly tutorial on how to make your own "Hogwarts wax seal" using only clay and hot glue.

A cute and quick way to make some signature Harry Potter treats. It also includes the 'icing recipe', which we use a few times in the blog.

This post will lead you to a collection of interesting ways to give your regular jelly beans the "every flavour" kick it needs to be a Harry Potter sweet.

Inside this post is a printable template of a Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans box along with a quick tutorial on how to put it together.

One of the ten unique Chocolate Frog card templates is free to print on this page. This template includes the picture that goes inside of the chocolate frog box as well as the description on the bottom of the box.

Since not all of us have a convenient candy mould of chocolate frogs, I devised this technique that used Turtles (the chocolate) and transformed them into adorable amphibians!

14. How to Make Your Own Broomstick
This is a tutorial on how to make a Nimbus 2000 (or a Firebolt, it really does not matter what you call it). It does not require any woodworking skills and is fairly simple.

15. Floo Powder, Remembralls, and the Golden Egg
These are very speedy and cheap tutorials on how to make these items for looks, goodies for treat bags, or to be used in activities.

16. How to Make Your Own Wands (No Woodworking Skills Required)
This tutorial shows you how to make a quick but sturdy wand out of paper and glue. They look really cool and are quite easy to manipulate to get different shapes.

17. How to Make a Marauder's Map (Party Version)
This tutorial is a simple way to make a stunning Marauder's Map that can be used in activities during your party. Alternatively, see Post 19 for a movie prop version.

18. Philosopher's Stone Tutorial
A short tutorial with four different methods you can use to create your own philosopher's stone. 

19. Marauder's Map: Inside and Outside
This is a free, printable Marauder's Map that you can print out yourself and put together. I scanned in the inside of an actual Marauder's Map so when you put it together it has the map of Hogwarts (if you can decipher it!). Alternatively, see Post 17 for a map you can use for activities during a party.

20. Ministry of Magic Identification Booklet (Printable)
This is another free printable, this time for your own MoM Identification Booklet. There is a movie prop version and also a customizable one. For the customizable one, see the post below.

21. Customizable Ministry of Magic Identification Booklet
A free printable that will allow you to customize your very own MoM Identification Booklet. Provided in two versions, a customizable Photoshop file that will allow you to superimpose a stamp of approval on the booklet, and a flat version so even if you don't have Photoshop or GIMP you can paste in your photo and write in your information.


  1. Hi. I really would like to see the customizable booklet soon! I am having a Harry Potter party, possibly in late November. So I would like to be able to download it soon! The 3rd version is just the same thing just with blanks so I can sign my own name and write my own information - right? Thanks! Bye!

  2. I've looked all over, and your page is pretty much the best, and gives such intelligent choices and good templates and printables! I thought I'd let you know how much I appreciate the marauder's map template and the tutorials of staining the paper, etc. Our party is going to be MUCH more fun, because of you!!! I appreciate it and am linking up on Pinterest, so hopefully you can get some fun traffic! Thank you so much for sharing all the hard work you did, and gifting it out of love! -Heather

  3. Wow, I must say this is some very impressive work! Brillaint!

  4. Thanks for being so thoughtful and posting all these printables for the public to use. You're awesome!!!

  5. Merci pour le partage des informations et de vos superbes créations. C'est fantastique, bravo !

  6. All of these projects are so creative and beautifully done! Thank you so much for sharing. The tips on dyeing the paper were extremely helpful.

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