December 03, 2011

The Letters/Invitations--Acceptance Letters and Equipment List

There are six parts to this post, although I've split them up for ease of reading. This is the first post.

Table of Contents:
1. Acceptance letters and Equipment list
2. Platform 9 3/4 tickets
3. Inner Envelope
4. Outer Envelope
5. How to stain your paper
6. Wax Seal tutorial


We wanted to make the invitations look as close to the Hogwarts Acceptance letters as possible, and keep the cost as low as possible, so as a result just about everything is handmade. Again, we'll add in alternatives for people to suit the items you have available. I've also uploaded some templates of things at so that you can alter them to suit your needs.

First off, the from-the-book invitation with the 'acceptance speech' on it. Here's a link to the file on It's a Microsoft Word 2007 file. And here's the one we actually sent out, with some different text to explain the party to people. All of the text is in text boxes because I used two different fonts, Edwardian Script ITC and Scriptina Pro. Edwardian Script ITC came with my computer, but I'm sure you can Google it or substitute a different font if you wish. For the Scriptina Pro font, here's the link, I downloaded it at If you're not sure how to install fonts on your computer, all you do is:
  1. Download the font to somewhere on your computer and find it.
  2. Right click the file and click "Extract Here", or "Extract".
  3. You'll probably get some sort of WinZip dialogue. Tell it to extract it onto your computer, preferably the same place you are now.
  4. Another file (or more) should show up now. One of them should say that it's a "TrueFont" file (or something of the sort). You can delete all of the other files except for this one; that's the only one you'll really need.
  5. Go to the start button at the bottom left of your screen and click Start -> Control Panel (for earlier versions it might be Start -> Settings -> Control Panel). I have a Windows Vista, so controls will likely be different for other computers.
  6. In the Control Panel window, find the file labelled "Fonts" (you can search for it with the search box if you like). Open up that folder and you should see a whole bunch of fonts in there that are the same file type as the one that you saved above (after extracting it from the WinZip file).
  7. Find the downloaded font (in this case, Scriptina Pro) and right-click it. Click "Cut".
  8. Go into the Fonts window and right click. Press "Paste".
  9. It should briefly say that it's installing the font onto your computer.
  10. Open up any program and use your new font!
If these instructions are confusing you there's dozens of other ones out there on the internet if you Google it.

All right, if you're wondering about why there is two different fonts, it's because I thought that the Edwardian Script ITC capital letters were too curly and unrealistic (to be handwritten) looking so I found the Scriptina Pro font. However, Scriptina's letters, when all used, look ridiculously curly and are far too distracting. Therefore I made a combination of both, with Scriptina Pro as the capital letters and Edwardian Script ITC for the lowercase letters.


When the letters were printed off (and customised with each guest's last name) we made an accompanying "Equipment" letter that detailed the items that guests must bring to the party (i.e. a sleeping bag, and winter clothing for outdoors since some of our activities were taking place outside in the snow). It also mentioned the Dobby's Sock Contest that we held. You can omit the contest or you can put another contest of your liking etc. in there. Here is the link to download the Equipment list on MediaFire.

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  1. Can you please make one for me if i give you all the details? :s please get back to me at

    1. Unfortunately, the email you gave me does not work, so I will reply to you here:
      Please explain your situation: I'm not entirely sure what you want. If you would like me to alter a template for you, I can do that, however, I will not be making the letters themselves and sending them out to you.

      Thanks :)


  2. excuse me.. can you make an identity card for ministry of magic? can you make me one please.. i will send you the details if you reply to this msg. send me your reply at

  3. This is awesome. Using these to make a special invite to my wife for our trip to universal. Thank you for taking the time!

    This site help to do ur letter easy and in few steps. To get ur acceptance letter and equipment list just use "save" button after

  5. Can you make me the acceptance letter and supply list? If you email me at this email: I can send you all of the information that you need...

  6. Used a lot of your projects and tips to create boxes for family with invitations to Hogwarts, wands and other Potter goodies, it was a big hit!! Thank you for all the ideas and links!

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    i found a site dedicated to that with free newspapaper!

  8. Do the fonts normally work on Google Drive? I tried but it didn't work for me.

    1. My guess it that they're formatted for Microsoft Word. I don't know but, since Word is probably the most commonly used word processor, they're formatted for that, not Drive.

  9. What font did you use for the Caps?