September 30, 2012

Ministry of Magic Identification Booklet (Printable)

The Ministry of Magic Identification Booklet (Inside Pages)

Back again, this time with more printables from the movie! I present to you ... the Ministry of Magic Identification Booklet!
A JPEG-compressed picture of the identification card.
Due to size limitations, I have reduced the quality so that
I can display it on this blog :)
NOTE: Here is a link to the customizable version: Customizable MoM ID Booklet

I have two versions right now and a third one coming out soon-ish (Probably mid-October unless someone specifically requests that it come out sooner). The first version is the Ministry of Magic Identification card the same size as the prop with all of Mafalda Hopkirk's information on it.
The second version is made a bit smaller so that it is more earth-friendly and fits on two pieces of paper. (The regular-sized version is four pages)

The third version is the most exciting :D It will take me a little while to whip up, since I have to do a lot of photoshopping. However, it will come out soon! The third version is a DIY Ministry of Magic Identification Booklet. That means you will be able to customize it with your name and photo, and also your own fingerprints and signature. Hopefully I'll even be able to come up with a "master Photoshop file" that will allow you to superimpose the stamp of approval over your photo :) I'm very excited to give you Potterheads this!

As per usual, the links to the files can be found here, and they go to a MediaFire page.

Regular-Sized Ministry of Magic Identification Booklet (4-page PDF)

Small-Sized Ministry of Magic Identification Booklet (2-page PDF)

**Update! October 8/12**
I was feeling ambitious (AND someone requested it be done earlier ;) so I did finish the customizable booklet early! It took a lot of photoshopping but I hope that you like it :D So you can see what I mean, here's a compressed MoM ID card of Hermione Granger, which I customized using my lovely Photoshop file:
Again, reduced-quality version.
Here's my customized Hermione Granger MoM ID card/booklet!
Here is a link to the customizable version: Customizable MoM ID Booklet

I will put together a picture tutorial on how to put it together very soon. For now, I hope that these instructions will suffice: