February 11, 2012

How to Make Magical Wands (Without woodworking skills)

This is a tutorial on how to make easy magical wands for your guests. They're relatively simple and don't take long; the longest part is waiting for them to dry. They are made primarily of paper and glue but end up quite sturdy at the end.

The picture above was taken after the wands had been used during the party, so it's not in quite as good a shape, but nonetheless looks nice :)

I found this tutorial on instructables.com and found it very useful. They also have some good pictures so that you understand what we mean with these steps.

Things You Need:
A piece of paper, 8.5”x11” or larger
Double-sided tape (optional)
Hot Glue gun
White glue (optional but recommended; can use hot glue as well)
Paint, spray paint or otherwise, in the colour you would like your wand to be
Toilet paper, tissue paper, or even scrap paper

  1. Stick a strip of double-sided tape diagonally across your paper. You can skip this step (we did), but it helps to keep the paper wound tightly. Another idea is to put a straw diagonally across the paper or a barbeque skewer or something similar to make the wand stiffer, however, we found that they ended up quite stiff without any of that.
  2. Tightly roll the paper, beginning in the corner and working to the opposite corner. Roll it slightly diagonally so that one end of your wand is slightly larger than the other.
  3. Once you’ve rolled about halfway, take some glue, preferably white, and smear it on the unrolled section of paper. We used a plastic paintbrush and painted some on. Make sure you get it right to the edges of the paper for the best stick.
  4. Continue to roll the wand up until you reach the end of the paper. Hold the wand together tightly so that it dries. You may have to hold it for a few minutes.
  5. When you’re sure that the ends will stay on, let it dry for a bit longer so that the paper isn’t soggy.
  6. Now snip the ends off so that they’re flat and dribble some glue into one of the ends (we did the larger one first). You can use white or hot glue, but we used white so we wouldn’t use up all the hot glue. However, the hot glue dries much faster and probably a bit stiffer.
  7. After sticking some glue into the end, take a square of toilet paper (or a small bit of scrap paper, tissue paper etc.) and roll it up, then stuff it into the hole. Dribble a bit more glue on top of the paper and repeat. If you need to, don’t hesitate to use a pencil or barbeque skewer etc. to shove the toilet paper down more.
  8. Once all that is dry, use some hot glue to create a round end at the bottom of the wand.
  9. We found that a very useful way to let the wands dry was by using the toilet paper roll and putting the ends of the wands in it so that it dried standing up.
  10. Now after filling the other end of your wand and letting it completely dry (you may have to wait overnight), create some details on the wand with the hot glue. You might want to make a vine pattern, or you can layer it to make a handle.
  11. Paint your wand in the colour of your choice. We used a dark bronze spray paint.

And your wands are ready for spell casting!

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  1. Replies
    1. what you can also do is use the wood of a pianting brush because this has got a perfect shape for it. than use hot glue or even paper glue to do the decorations. than al you have to do is paint it

  2. You could also carce a wand out of wood

    1. But this is party invitations duh.

  3. http://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Harry-Potter-Wand
    and this is easy to do

  4. I've been looking through a lot of these crafts (the map, the stone, etc.), and I must say a lot of this stuff is very impressive. Rather than buying some more expensive licensed merchandise, or maybe even if you can't find licensed versions of some of this stuff, these make-it-yourselves are fantastic. Some of my friends and I had even been planning a Harry Potter party, and I think I may bring some of these ideas up!

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