January 22, 2012

The Letters/Invitations--Outer Envelope

There are six parts to this post, although I've split them up for ease of reading. This is the fourth post.

Then we had an 'outer envelope' which contained a map to the location of the party and a "Hogsmeade Permission form". Mostly what was in the permission form was just information about the party that hadn't been included or might not have been clear in the invitations (because we were trying to make them replicas). The permission form noted different ways to RSVP and also told parents about what was going on i.e. there would be food and drinks available, it would be for ____ days, and that there would be adults present during the festivities. We also asked people for a donation of $15-$20 when they come to the party to cover costs. (We said that this is like our Christmas gift to the guests and their Chrismas gift back is the donation of money).

The outer envelope was NOT stained (the tutorial for staining paper can be found by clicking the link in the Table of Contents) because it was the one that would be going in the mail.

The outer envelopes looked like this:
The addresses have been blocked out, but here is a picture of some of the outer envelopes,
which we customized by giving everyone a different owl.

Here is one of the owls we used, which you can save as a picture
and write the address on by hand if you like.
Because mail is delivered by owls in the wizarding world, on the outer envelope we featured a picture of an owl holding a letter in its beak. Each person received a different owl, and not all of the envelopes were shown here. However, it is likely more convenient for you to just use the same owl for everyone. Comment if you want me to link MediaFire files to the files in Photoshop so you just have to change the text (provided you have Photoshop Elements 7 or better).

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  1. Thanks for sharing these great printables! I'd love a link to your other owl templates, if you still have them.

  2. Hi! Great tutorials and loving your blog so much! If it's not too much to ask, can I also have a copy of the owl templates? That would mean very much to me. My email add. is: roejenvalenton@gmail.com THANKS! :)

    1. So sorry! It should be roejen.valenton@gmail.com THANKS!

  3. Hi. Great work! It would be very kind of you to share the photoshop files. catiecadore@icloud.com