January 22, 2012

The Letters/Invitations--Inner Envelope

There are six parts to this post, although I've split them up for ease of reading. This is the third post.

There was the first, or the 'inner' envelope. It had the guest's address written out like Harry's was in the book to make it more special. I used "Tall Paul" font and made it green as was specified in the book. I wrote it like Harry's is written, i.e.

Mr. H. Potter (name)
Cupboard Under the Stairs (location of room)
4 Privet Drive (Street address)
Little Whinging (Town/city)
Surrey (State/Province/Territory etc)

Here is a picture of one of the completed envelopes
(The address is blocked out).
We printed the addresses directly onto the envelopes and then stained them. We stained the envelopes in the same way that we stained all of our other things. The tutorial for that is in another post

Here is the back of the Inner Envelope with the Hogwarts wax seal on it.
Here's a link to the tutorial for the wax seal,
which is in another post.
Inside of the Inner Envelope was the Platform 9 3/4 ticket, the Hogwarts Acceptance Letter, and the Hogwarts Equipment list. The links to those tutorials and instructions are below and also linked on the Table of Contents:


  1. Cool! Good thinking blocking out the last name and address...

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