July 25, 2012

Marauder's Map: Inside and Outside

This has been long overdue, with all of the people asking and everything, but I do feel like I need to make it known that I DO NOT HAVE the extra parts to the Marauder's Map. I would absolutely love to have them, however, and I'd be more than happy to edit them into the template and tutorial etc. So if anyone knows where I can find a good-quality, flat version of the extra bits, please comment the link. Until then, the best I can give you is this great tutorial from Jennifer Gibson. She altered the map so that there was a middle flap, and if you would like to see how she did it just follow that link.

Before I begin with this tutorial, I'd like to say:
It recently came to my attention that there are people pinning things from my website on Pinterest. I was quite pleasantly surprised and shocked to see it. So here's a big THANK YOU too all of the lovely people who have enjoyed the work I've put into the blog and have shared it with others :)

Anyway, continuing with this tutorial ...

I recently got my hands on a complete Marauder's Map and scanned all of it into my computer, then put it together in one large file for printing and party purposes!
Yes, that means that you can now have the inside of the Marauder's Map as well as the outside. ;)
I will post the picture here in a condensed form, but I recommend you download it from MediaFire.com, simply because the file is rather large and to get the best quality possibly you ought to download the original file.
I've also made a PDF file that will make it easier to print your own Marauder's Map. It is three pages long and in landscape mode. You can download the white map in PDF format on MediaFire.com. I'll make a PDF of the brown one soon :)

A condensed version of the map to show you what it looks like

The red lines represent fold lines. In case you
are confused on where to fold, you can check this.

I've also cleared out the background colour (the brown) and changed it to white so that if you wish to give your printer and ink a break you can print it with the white and stain the paper to achieve the same effect. The white version is found here. The tutorial to stain your paper can be found by clicking this link.
Additionally, if you would like to see the other Marauder's Map tutorial, just click on that link. Where that Marauder's Map comes in handy for party activities, this one is more for decoration.

Directions on How to Make the Map

I've gotten a few comments asking for how to do it, so I made one and took lots of pictures so you can see how it's done. ;)